Carratelli Holding


A family that has put its ideas, its professionalism, its knowledge in the entrepreneurial field at the service of its customers: CARRATELLI.
The Carratelli family and in particular the brothers Marco, Simone and Gabriele, have created over the years a Holding where the companies complement each other and where the main objective is to offer luxury in all its forms, as well as to create the modern prototype. of family-run holding company. Carratelli Real Estate, Carratelli Engineering, Carratelli Wine and Carratelli Trade Art, companies that merge into the Carratelli Group, to offer Property Management services and real estate consultancy, design and development, consultancy services and distribution of wines and spirits, related services and intermediation to art.

Cattatelli Wine

Holding company that deals with consultancy, purchase and sale, intermediates, development of projects related to the world of “wine”, spirits and spirits. A dynamic, young company, where its staff is professionally prepared and able to perform any task entrusted to them.
We work alongside producers from many Italian regions to be able to make their products known throughout the world, through a consolidated network of relationships with some of the most important importers and distributors of various nationalities.

Carratelli Real Estate

The company with its two brands – FINE ITALIAN REALTY, dedicated to medium / high-end properties between Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio, and LUXURY HOMES, dedicated to prestigious properties in the most beautiful locations in Italy, – was born from love by Gabriele Carratelli for the houses and unique objects. For years Gabriele has been collecting, caring for and presenting real estate luxury in the most exclusive locations to the most selected clients in 5 offices throughout the country – Rome, Florence, Montepulciano, Pienza and Cetona, and 2 offices abroad, New York and Moscow. The site dedicated to high-end rentals through the Luxury Home Rental brand will also be online shortly.

Carratelli Engineering

Carratelli Engineering is the company the technical sector that with the Architecture | Design brand deals with Property Management, real estate technical aspects but also with the design and construction of furniture The company employs a staff of architects, surveyors, craftsmen and professionals in the sector who collaborate in the realization of projects aimed at enhancing the characteristics of the property, in harmony with the needs and desires of the customer. We follow all phases of the renovation, from design to completion of paperwork, from site management to the selection of suppliers and assistance in the choice of materials, a “turnkey” service.

Carratelli Trade ART

The TradeArt brand was born from the passion for the world of art and creativity, which has always characterized the Carratelli family. The purchase, sale and intermediation of works of art, both ancient and contemporary, antique furniture, accessories and prestigious or vintage furnishings, are the main fields of development of the company.
Giving value to art in all its forms, creating events and exhibitions dedicated to new generations of artists and performers; a mission born from an international vision of the world of art and artistic craftsmanship, now increasingly linked to each other.