Who we are

Carratelli Wine
is a brand with which Carratelli S.R.L. offers selected Italian wines to importers and distributors of foreign nationality.

It was born in 2001 thanks to an idea of ​​Cav. Giorgio Carratelli who, after 30 years of work as Commercial Director in a well-known Tuscan winery, decides to use his experience in the sector to make Tuscan wines known in other states. He begins to offer wines from some wineries in Montalcino and Montepulciano, expanding the selection to the entire national panorama over time.

After years of successful work, the company grows and in 2019 Carratelli s.r.l. becomes a Holding and passes the baton of marketing to Carratelli Wine, a Commercial Agency Company. The development process, thanks to Gabriele Carratelli, director, and Alessandro Bocci, director, is dizzying.
Inheriting from Carratelli s.r.l. a large portfolio of manufacturers and experience in proposing their products in order to obtain significant distribution contracts with foreign importers He immediately specializes on high-end products that can be offered to the international O.R.E.C.A. It maintains a 20 percent of its work towards the products most aimed at the large-scale retail trade, continuing to define important and exclusive contracts with the most important distribution chains. Immediately develop the consulting sector to direct producers to improve their wines and their spirits, especially in terms of color, alcohol content, aromas, roundness to better meet the tastes of the market towards the countries where the company wants to target.

When Carratelli Wine firmly believes in a project linked to a wine, or when it identifies a new product not yet known, in some cases it buys and resells directly to importers, studying and proposing targeted projects, thus helping producers themselves to make their products known. .

Our history

2001- Carratelli s.r.l.
, a wine and spirits brokerage company, was born, thanks to the ingenuity of Giorgio Carratelli who created the company for his three sons Simone, Gabriele and Marco, initially targeting the US market.

2005– It boasts of having successfully accredited numerous wineries producing the famous Brunello, Chianti Classico, Nobile di Montepulciano, well-known and appreciated Sicilian wines not only in the USA, but also in Germany and in many Italian chain

2009– An important collaboration agreement is signed with the German and Swiss distributor, who appreciate the selection of wines and begin a close and continuous collaboration with the company.

2011 – Carratelli adds Liqueurs and Spirits produced by a Tuscan company to its list of products.

2016 – Carratelli s.r.l. goes to Asia, numerous meetings with distributors from China, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong to make Italian excellence known in new territories.

2019 – Carratelli srl becomes a Holding and passes the baton of marketing to Carratelli Wine, a Commercial Agency Company. 2020 – brings the wines and spirits of the companies in the portfolio to Poland, Brazil, Russia, China and Japan as well. The development process, in one year, thanks to Gabriele Carratelli, director, and Alessandro Bocci, Director, is dizzying.

2021Carratelli Wine celebrates its 20 years on the international market of the best Italian wines, now working not only for distributors, but also for wine lovers by putting online its boutique of selected wines and spirits with shipping all over the world.