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Sale of Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and typical products of the Tuscan Maremma

Il Gramolato Oil

Extra virgin olive oil
100% Made in Italy

The name “Gramolato” derives from the term “kneading” which is a phase of olive processing through which the oil present in the paste aggregates into larger particles in order to facilitate subsequent oil extraction.

Mignola Oil

Extra virgin olive oil
100% Made in Italy

The Mignola is the flowering gem of the olive tree. Small white flower with four petals which in spring gives an unusual appearance to the olive branches, giving rise to the fruit: “the olive”.
This extra virgin olive oil is cold obtained from olives carefully selected for origin and quality in order to give the final product precious characteristics of aroma and flavor.

Frantoio Andreini started its business in the sixties thanks to the founder of the family “Nonno Quinto” who, buying a small used oil mill, began to press olives in the town of Poggioferro di Scansano.

Trying to produce a quality extra virgin olive oil, Grandpa Quinto refines all the processing techniques which he will then pass on to the children and grandchildren who run the company today.
In the 2000, the new Magliano mill in Tuscany was inaugurated, which, thanks to new processing methods and better organization, allows us to increasingly meet the needs of customers.

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